Port Adelaide Sailing Club Racing Calendar

Twilight Racing at 1800 every Wednesday during Daylight Saving Time except some days over Xmas
DateDaySeriesEvent NameRace NoLocationFirst Warning
22/01/2022SaturdayAdelaide to Port VincentPatrick Robbins Memorial River/Outside0955
30/01/2022SundayStern ChaserStern Chaser 2 Port River1255
02/02/2022WednesdayLadies TwilightLadies Twilight Race 3 Port River1755
05/02/2022SaturdayHarbour/OutsideR Fisher CupRace 5River/Outside1055
09/02/2022WednesdayTwilight Series 2Twilight Race 3 Port River1755
12/02/2022SaturdayRiver SeriesQueen of the RiverRace 6Port River1255
16/02/2022WednesdayTwilight Series 2Twilight Race 4 Port River1755
20/02/2022SundayHarbour/OutsideCrammond CupRace 6River/Outside1055
23/02/2022WednesdayTwilight Series 2Twilight Race 5 Port River1755
26/02/2022SaturdayRiver SeriesPresidents TrophyRace 7Port River1255
02/03/2022WednesdayLadies TwilightLadies Twilight Race 4 Port River1755
06/03/2022SundayStern ChaserStern Chaser 3 Port River1255
09/03/2022WednesdayTwilight Series 2Twilight Race 6 Port River1755
16/03/2022WednesdayTwilight Series 2Twilight Race 7 Port River1755
19/03/2022SaturdayHarbour/OutsideWilliam Russell ShieldRace 7River/Outside1055
23/03/2022WednesdayTwilight Series 2Twilight Race 8 Port River1755
26/03/2022SaturdayStern ChaserStern Chaser 4 Port River1255
30/03/2022WednesdayTwilight Series 2Twilight Race 9 Port River1755
02/04/2022SaturdayRiver SeriesA. Fisher CupRace 8Port River1255
03/04/2022SundayReserved for Resail  Port RiverTBA
09/04/2022SaturdayReserved for Resail  Port RiverTBA
10/04/2022SundayReserved for Resail  Port RiverTBA
15/05/2022SundayWinter SeriesCartwright CupRace 1Port River1155
29/05/2022SundayWinter SeriesNerida CupRace 2Port River1155
19/06/2022SundayWinter SeriesMagpie CupRace 3Port River1155
03/07/2022SundayWinter SeriesTea and SconesRace 4Port River1155
17/07/2022SundayWinter SeriesSport and Recreation (Seagul)Race 5Port River1155
24/07/2022SundayReserved for Resail  Port River1155
31/07/2022SundayReserved for Resail  Port River1155
06/08/2022SaturdayRegattaIcebreaker Port River 
07/08/2022SundayRegattaPort Line Cup Port River